The Diswantsho Access Control System is a computerized access control system for use at estates and business parks.

At business parks and residential security estates where access control is implemented, it is not sufficient to use a paper-based visitor’s book, where a visitor can write misleading information. The Janus Access Control System intends to improve security and protect valuable property by EID Barcode Scanners to scan vehicle license discs, drivers licenses and pedestrians RSA ID barcodes. This information is associated with a destination and stored in a computer to have at hand in case of investigations. Data can be searched and reports can be made.

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Latest Janus software installer: v4.3.1.4  download

New! Contact us for training guards, supervisors and administrative personnel. Groups of up to ten guards per session can be accommodated. Separate training sessions for administrative personnel handle reporting and configuring the system.

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