Wide angle macro photos

Most people use a macro lens to take macro photos. But have you ever considered a wide angle lens?

The photos on this page were taken with the Olympus 9-18mm lens. This lens allows me to get within 4-5 centimeters from a subject and still have it in focus, especially if the lens is set to 9mm. If you select an aperture of about f/11, the background is also fairly sharp.

008b Is this macro-Edit

It is important to be aware of your background, and to consider it as part of the composition. Just be careful, the Olympus lens is expensive, and you would not want it to get wet. Since the lens is so wide, the foreground must be a hand breadth from the lens; while the background must be just a meter or two from the lens, otherwise the wide angle perspective will render background objects too small. The photo below shows two faults that can easily be corrected – the first fault is to leave the camera on auto focus. The camera then focuses on the background instead of the subject. Rather use manual focus in these situations. Secondly, setting the lens on its hyper focal length will render everything from the subject to the background in focus.


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