What is the most important equipment in your camera bag?

What is the most important piece of equipment in your camera bag, except for your camera? Your macro lens? Your tripod? Your flash modifiers?

I would like to suggest the most important piece of equipment in our camera bags should be a calendar – either the old paper based one, or the one in our cellphones. It does not matter. Last night I had a discussion with one of the best-performing members of our camera club. Our club year program has certain theme nights for night photography, painting with light, silhouette, panorama, etc. My friend has already had all those dates on his calendar the first week of this year, and these appointments now act as due dates from where he can work backward to reserve time for photo shoots so he can have photos ready at those dates. He says by the time all work-related and social appointments come in, time fills up so quickly that you often find you have no time left for photography.
Now I think this is why he is such an achiever in our club. It is all well and good to take nice photos when opportunity rises, but the best photographers create their opportunities. And that begins with a calendar.


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