Janus offers a support service for a monthly fee. This includes monthly remote inspections of the system and free upgrades. Contact us with the form below for more information, as this costs significantly less than paid updates and hourly call-out rates.

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If you notice an issue with the Janus system, you can consult the troubleshooting section in the Janus user manual. Enable the log file as shown in the manual, and then reproduce the issue to see if the log file provides more information. Follow the diagnostic suggestions in the manual to identify what is wrong.

If you cannot identify the issue, contact your local distributor from whom you obtained the system for advice, or you can sign up with Janus for paid support.

Reporting errors

If an error occurs, you will see a screen as illustrated below.

First use the description of the error to determine what the issue was. Some of these are related to the operating system, network, domain name server, database server, or as illustrated above, a file that was removed by someone. Such issues are usually fixed by the client’s IT manager.

In case of an error in Janus, click the button to activate the e-mail client like Outlook. Janus will fill in details such as the description of the error. Also add the following to the issue report:

  • cc the reseller from whom you obtained the system;
  • check that the email shows which version of Janus, and which product (lite, standard, professional) is concerned;
  • attach the log file (located in c:/scannerdata/JanusLogs) with the e-mail before sending. If logs are disabled and the error can be regularly reproduced, enable the log, reproduce the issue, and attach the log file with the issue report.
  • add to the email full steps on what you were doing and how you can reproduce the issue.

If the issue has something to do with scanning, the developers might request to send the files received from the scanner. They will send instructions on how to find these files, as they are normally inaccessible for security purposes.